How to Accept Recurly Subscriptions in WordPress

The Recurly Subscription plugin was released on While most WordPress plugins offer only once off subscription payment option, this plugin introduced a very interesting concept – “Recurring Subscription Payments”. It allows you to configure various terms to accept subscription payments. Users also have the choice of making the full subscription if they don’t prefer the recurring method.

Recurly Subscription Plugin Setup

Subscriptions are accepted via Recurly. So you need to specify your Recurly account sub domain, API key, private key, subscription amount, currency and Recurly plan in the settings once you have installed the plugin:

screenshot showing the WordPress recurly subscription plugin settings

Creating Subscription Form

Enter the following shortcode to display subscription form.

[rs_subscriber_form title="XXXXX"]

Once your users submit the form they will be created as recurly users.

screenshot showing the subscription form

A user can choose to make a monthly or once time subscription also. So if some users prefer to pay a one time subscription, they can uncheck on the enable recurring on the form and make a one-time payment.

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