How to Login Google Account Through Popup in WordPress

The GPS Signin plugin was released on While most WordPress plugins offer only same page redirection google login, this plugin introduced a very interesting concept – “Google account login through Popup”. It allows existing WordPress user accounts to login to your website using Google to securely authenticate their account. This means that if they are already logged into Gmail for example, they can simply click signin button their way through the WordPress website anywhere – no username or password is explicitly required.

GPS Signin Plugin Setup

Plugin setup requires you to have admin access to any Google Apps domain, or a regular Gmail account, to register and obtain Google App ID from Google. So you need to specify Google App Client Id and Redirect URI in the settings once you have installed the plugin:

screenshot showing the WordPress GPS Signin plugin settings

Google Signin Button

Enter the following shortcode to display Google Signin Button.

[gplus_signin button_name="XXXXXX"]

Once users will login successfully, then users will be created as subscribers.

screenshot showing the Google Signin Button

Once users will click the Google Signin Button, it will open the google login in popup.

screenshot showing the Google Signin Login in popup

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